Journal papers

A. Dolara, S. Leva, G. Manzolini, R. Simonetti, I. Trattenero
Outdoor Performance of Organic Photovoltaics: Comparative Analysis
Energies 15 (5), 1620, 2022

A. Dolara, G. di Fazio, S. Leva, G. Manzolini, R. Simonetti, A. Terenzi
Outdoor Assessment and Performance Evaluation of OPV Modules
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 11 (2), 391-399 1, 2021

PV Plant Power Nowcasting: A Real Case Comparative Study With an Open Access Dataset (2020), IEEE Xplore

Feedback on STL @ ICECS 2019, IEEE CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, second quarter 2020

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Modelli predittivi per la produzione da impianti fotovoltaici – AEIT 

Effetto degli ombreggiamenti sui moduli fotovoltaici – AEIT 

Hybrid Predictive Models for Accurate Forecasting in PV Systems, Energies, 2013 

Experimental investigation of partial shading scenarios on PV (photovoltaic) modules, Energy, 2013

Conference Papers

Image Resolution and Defects Detection in PV Inspection by Unmanned Technologies, Best Conference Papers on Planning, Operations, & Electricity Markets in the 2016 IEEE PES General Meeting

Analysis and Validation of ANN PV Power Output Forecasting at 24 Hours Ahead, ElectrIMACS 2014

Comparison of Power Quality in Different Grid-Integrated Wind Turbines, ICHQP 2014


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