Author: SolarTech Lab

HDH system under construction

The assembling of the solar desalination system based on HDH concept is finally started. The closed air loop is now completed and the hydraulic loop such as the electrical connections are ongoing. The prototype will be fully operating for the next spring.

New tests of OPV modules

The performance analysis of Organic Photovoltaic modules is going on with new tests.Three OPV modules have been installed vertically, facing towards East, South and West respectively. They will be characterized in terms of cuvre I-V under different environmental conditions.Some ad hoc devices have been developed for these test.

Cooling PV technology: interview

On 19th June, 2020, a recent development on the cooling of PV technology was presented on Radio24 by Prof. Giampaolo Manzolini, interviewed during the “Smart City” radio broadcast.The podcast of the interview (in italian) can be downloaded from our MEDIA page and from Radio24 website: “Il pannello fotovoltaico che suda per tenersi fresco”

Performance evaluation of OPV modules

The performance analysis of Organic PhotoVoltaic modules is ongoing. A comparison in term of I-V characteristics of different photovoltaic technologies (Si-c, CIGS and OPV) under different ambient condition has been started. Some ad hoc instruments have been developed and used for this type of test.

SolarTechLab @ SWC 2019

Ph.D. Riccardo partecipated at the Solar World Congress 2019 in Santiago, Chile, from November 4th to November 9th. The conference works to achieve 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely, by providing the global renewable energy community with a collective, scientifically credible voice and up-to-date information gathered and synthesized by its talented members.…

Key-Note speech at ICECS 2019

Prof. Sonia Leva has been invited to give a technical talk “Multidisciplinarity, synergies and experimental activity: great opportunities for CAS” at the 26th IEEE International Conference on Electronic Circuit and Systems, Genova, Italy, 27-29 November 2019.

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