The target can be divided into the following main categories.

Measurements of commercial PV panels, thermal panels and concentrated PV under real working conditions in order to determine actual performances and decays. Different PV technologies are installed with the aim of comparing their performances:

Comparison of PV balance of the systems as invertertracker. The analysis of new smart inverters able to optimize the energy produced by the PV-array in real condition, to exchange data with remote monitoring systems and to adapt their self to the grid is one of the major task of the laboratory. 

Development and validation of forecasting models.

Investigation on alternative concepts related to energy production systems in close proximity to the energy users integrated into isolated grids with storage capabilities. 

PVT System optimization, component improvement and prototypes testing: application of theoretical models to improve actual technologies and develop prototypes.

UAV for PV. PV Plant Control and Monitoring by means of Unmanned Aerial Systems: A new research field aims to apply UAVs in monitoring of energy plants to control and monitor performance over time.

Solar Driven heat pumps: this activity focus on the adoption of PVT to drive heat pump enhancing both COP and electric efficiency conversion.

Testing of the new organic photovoltaic technology.

Solar Desalination System – HDH. A small prototype at SolarTechLab will be build in order to analyze the performance of this system and maximize the pure water production in different working conditions.

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