PV dataset

A full dataset of PV power measurements from SolarTech Lab is available for scientific purposes: PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER AND WEATHER PARAMETERS

This dataset includes PV power production measured on the SolarTech Lab, Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Data are freely available for scientific research purpose and further data validation.
In particular, the dataset is composed of the following variables and specifics, with a time resolution of 1 minute:

  • Timestamp: column with time recordings; the data format is “dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss”, with the time always expressed in Central European Time (CET).
  • Pm: power recordings from the PV module (W); module tilt: 30°.
  • Tair: ambient temperature (°C) measured by the weather station described in SolarTech Lab website (http://www.solartech.polimi.it/instrumentation/).
  • GHI: measured Global Horizontal Irradiance (W/m2).
  • GPOA: global irradiance measured on the plane of array (30°).
  • Ws: measured wind speed (m/s).
  • Wd: measured wind direction (°), assuming 0° east, positive south.

It is worth noticing that this dataset includes original measurements, i.e. these raw data can be used for any additional post-processing, validation and further research. When a value is missing in the original measurements recording, a “NaN” is reported.

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